Make It Your BEST YEAR Yet!!
Get laser focused, finally figure out your wardrobe challenges, and boost your confidence level to new heights! Come know you want to and need to!

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams!” ~Oprah Winfrey

I’m so excited to bring you this reflective, inspiring, and developmental 31 day challenge! As a professional development and image consultant, my mission, goal and passion is to empower women to embrace their significance and create a life and business of passion and purpose. 

The beginning of the year is such a perfect time to engage in self-reflexive activities designed to enhance your personal development, as well as, prepare you for a successful and productive new year. But why not get a jump start! Why not start NOW and have momentum to carry you in the new year!

It’s important to examine and evaluate where you’ve been in order to set the stage to achieving your goals, intentions, and aspirations. 

If you got off track this year or didn’t quite reach your desired goals this year that’s OK! The good news you can get back on track as you create some positive forward momentum. Failure and setbacks are nothing more than data and feedback!

This challenge is different from many others in that it gives you some concrete action items in three key areas of your life and business: Clarity, Closet, and Confidence. Use this challenge as a roadmap to your path of success. 

Here are just a few satisfied participants!
Life Changing
Cheryl B.

I've done challenges before without much luck, but the CCC Challenge was different. Thank you breaking the sections down in bite size bits so I could absorb and adapt the content. By doing a few simple things every day, I'm seeing significant changes in my life and business. This was truly life changing. You're brillant! Thank you! 
Just What I Needed
Leighanne B.

OMG! I absolutely LOVE this daily challenge! Simple, to the point, and easy to follow!
Valin R.

You amaze me! My life is transforming because of you and this challenge. I am changing the way I dress as well as my self-confidence and self-esteem. You are the first person that inspired me when I was stuck in a style coma. So glad you're out there to help people live inspired and happier lives.
The Doctor's In...

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is an acclaimed author, speaker, corporate consultant, and confident image coach. She's the founder of Evolve Image Consulting, a professional development company that educates entrepreneurs and business leaders on developing an effective, empowering, and confident image. Her unparalleled ability to empower not only individuals but businesses, through transformative methods has allowed her clients to go from ordinary to extraordinary in a very short period of time. 

​Carol's one of 20 licensed Fashion Feng Shui® practitioners in the US, and combines her education (JD and PhD), experience, to help her clients implement proven strategies to increase profit, productivity, self- confidence, and success. With 25+ years as an attorney, management consultant, professor, and dean, Carol ran a 6-figure organizational consulting practice and won national awards for building a 100+ sales force, developing leaders, and business development

We'll cover EACH of these areas over a 10 day period so you can focus and see real change! Remember, it takes 21 days to set a new or break a bad habit!
​Rome wasn't build in a day you know?! There are no quick, easy, fast food approaches to lasting and meaningful change. It takes time, energy, and commitment. There's no way around it my friend.
So roll up your sleeves and let's get to work!
If you're not clear on where you've been, it's simply impossible to be clear about where you're going or how you'll get there! We'll spend time examining your 2016 activites, your values, your goals, and how to make out succinct and focused plans to have a successful 2017!
What you wear has a significant influence on how you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. So it's important for you to be intentional about what you're wearing and what your clothes are saying to the world so they authentically represent you.  Studies show that your appearance can cost you money! Use this challenge to take a sober look inside your closet and what it's saying about you. Get ready to build a support system with your clothing.

Your confidence level is the foundation of every aspect of your life. Low confidence equals low expectations which result in missed opportunities and a life unlived. Where is your confidence level set? Use this challenge to move the needle on your confidence level up a few notches to YES, I deserve it and I am worth it level!

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